Step 1: Ensure the concrete slab is level.

The Insta-Footing plate must be installed on clean and level concrete. If the concrete is not level, a non-shrink leveling grout must be installed first in order for the plate to sit on a level surface and evenly distribute the loads to the concrete floor slab.

Step 2: Position plate under location of the post to be installed.

Step 3: Install post into plate.

Use 16d common nails or 16d x 2-1/2 joist hanger nails into all available nail holes.Do not install bolts into the 1/2″ pilot hole on the post connector.

Step 4: Secure plate to floor

Use either two 1/2″ diameter by 2.5″ long concrete expansion anchors or two concrete anchor screws or two powder driven nails.